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SpeedWind Distributions: Singapore-affiliated firm endeavors to become part of Cambodia’s success story

SpeedWind Distributions is committed to helping Cambodia move forward. Supplied

On behalf of all of us at SpeedWind Distributions, I would like to wish Singapore and all our Singaporean friends in Cambodia a blessed and joyful National Day. Having been in the Kingdom of Cambodia for more than 10 years, I had the privilege and pleasure to have met many Singaporeans who have built up their businesses over the years, in tandem with the Kingdom’s rapid rate of socio-economic development. On many an occasion, we witnessed how the bilateral relationship between Singapore and Cambodia had brought the local and international communities closer together.

One of the most iconic activities that was successfully executed by the Singapore Embassy and which remains very close to the heart of the community was the inaugural Street Art Festival that was held last year in the midst of Covid-19 year. SpeedWind relates very strongly with such an event as its philosophy and belief is in giving back to society. Although SpeedWind Distributions is a very young company, it has been fortunate to have been able to build a very strong network of distribution nationwide.

With more than 40 provincial branches, we have been successfully managing more than 20,000 points of sales, from traditional trade to specialized tele-communication shops. Our success is rooted in our strong belief that we must always give back to society, in good times and bad; this is perhaps the main reason why the SpeedWind brand is so popular and well received by the local communities.

As the Kingdom continues to develop into a modern and cosmopolitan economy, we are committed to be partners on its journey. We endeavor to contribute towards its success and prosperity, and shall make sure that all residents in Cambodia have easy access to their daily communication needs.

We will continue to develop our distribution networks, delivery networks as well as continuously look for ways to give back to the Cambodian society. This is SpeedWind’s unwavering commitment to the Kingdom of Cambodia and its people.

Source from: Khmer Times


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