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SpeedWind Distributions wishes Happy 76th Independence Day to all of Indonesia

SpeedWind Distribution Co., Ltd executive chairman, Dalton Wong. Supplied

History tells us that as far back as the eighth or ninth century, the Khmer Empire and the Medang Kingdom in Java enjoyed a robust friendship and a thriving relationship in trade, commerce, culture and the arts.

I strongly believe that was the foundation of the strong and multifaceted bilateral relationship between our two countries, Indonesia and Cambodia that we are able to witness today.

Under the able leadership of Pak Duta Besar H.E. Sudirman Haseng, the Indonesian business community has enjoyed tremendous support from the embassy. His contribution to the friendly relations between Indonesia and the Kingdom of Cambodia has greatly helped those of us who live and work in Cambodia.

Just as peace and stability are the requisite ingredients for a country’s socio-economic growth, bilateral relations between two countries that are built on mutual trust and constructive cooperation help their respective business communities to thrive, and allow them to give back to the host countries in their own ways.

It is therefore with great honor and joy that on this proud occasion of the 76th Independence Day of Indonesia, the management team and colleagues in SpeedWind Distributions Co., Ltd would like to join all well-wishers in conveying our best wishes of prosperity and success to the Government and people of the Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesia Tengguh, Indonesia Tumbuh !!

Dalton Wong

Chairman of SpeedWind

Group of Companies

Source from: Khmer Times


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