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Speedwind Distributions leads the way as service provider for key players in tech industry

Chairman Dalton Wong and CEO Low Chee Hock, lead a strong management team at Speedwind Distributions. Supplied

The Cambodian telecommunications, electronics and related industries have grown tremendously in the last few years, coinciding with the Kingdom’s emergence as another important player in Southeast Asia.

A few decades ago, technology was almost non-existent and was mentioned mostly in passing as the Kingdom started to emerge from years of isolation and conflict.

Fast forward, the Kingdom is becoming awash in tech companies, many of them specialising in electronics and telecommunications.

These companies, in turn, are backstopped and supported by service providers, itself a growing industry in Cambodia.

These service companies have played a critical role in the development and growth of the telecommunications, electronics and allied industries.

One service provider stands out from the rest: Speedwind Distributions.

Established two years ago, Speedwind Distributions has grown to become a major player in the service industry.

The company’s focus on providing excellent distribution and logistics services has resonated far and wide across the Kingdom.

Speedwind Distributions was established by shareholders with strong capital funding and extensive experience in distribution and FMCG business in Cambodia.

In a short span of time, Speedwind Distributions has expanded into a comprehensive distribution network with nationwide coverage.

Speedwind Distributions specialise in distribution and retail services. In addition to being a service provider to Telco and related companies, Speedwind Distributions is also into the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) to other segments of the economy.

The company listed Marketing, Advertising and Digital; FinTech, F&B Consultation; Postal, Mailing and Internet among its other services.

Currently, the company boasts of 44 outlets and a 300-strong workforce.

A dedicated workforce, strong management team, like-minded partners and willingness to adopt to new ideas and technologies allowed Speedwind Distributions to navigate an increasingly-competitive field.

“The key to our company’s success is having business partners that share our vision and values. They are very supportive of us. Together, we grow the business and contribute to the socio-economic development of Cambodia,” Speedwind CEO Low Chee Hock said.

Speedwind Distributions also takes pride for being in-step with modern technology.

“Our company is a strong believer in technologies as key enabler to progress. We are constantly looking at ways to continuously improve the work processes through automation.

At least 20 percent of our annual revenue goes to technology and innovation. The fact that we have a young and widely-exposed management team makes it easy for us to use, adopt or integrate new ideas and technology,” Low pointed out. Another strength for Speedwind Distributions is its ability to help its partners to identify gaps and weak points, and later resolve them to the satisfaction of everyone.

“Our priority is speed, security and convenience of our clients,” Low pointed out.

The company’s long-list of high-powered clients and partners include Cellcard, Cambodia’s leading telecommunications company.

“Cellcard remains our key and most important partner. Our partnership with them allowed us to build a strong presence in the Telco industry,” Low noted.

Speedwind Distributions’ other clients include the Malaysian appliance brand Pensonic and Zoom, another company from Malaysia that is into ‘last-mile delivery’. According to Low, they are also providing services to Xiaomi, SingMeng, I-Qlick and Cold, their own brand of hand phone accessories.

“Speedwind is essentially a service provider for key players in the  telecommunication and electronics sectors,” Low said.

“We are in discussions with several more potential partners from abroad who are keen to invest and work with us here.”

Speedwind Distributions is optimistic on their prospects amidst Cambodia’s march to progress. Cambodia, as everyone knows, is among the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Low said their ultimate goal is to reach every Cambodian and give them access to every product and services that will improve their well-being.

Source from: Khmer Times


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